Featured designer

Vincent van Duysen’s collections for Serax epitomise the pureness of form and intuitive relationship with materials that have helped cement his reputation as one of Europe’s leading architects and designers.

After early experiences in the studios of influential Italian post-Modernist Aldo Cibic and Belgian interior designer Jean de Meulder, van Duysen was quick to establish his own path, leading to the launch of his practice in Antwerp – the city that has been his home since the 1980s.

He quickly garnered international acclaim for his ability to create distinctively atmospheric, serene, and tactile spaces in which every element is connected and considered: a “total environment”.

Over a career spanning more than three decades, he has refined this approach, applying it at every scale. From buildings to chairs, each project is richly layered, drawing on influences from art history and Modernist architecture and design, and combining a deep respect for natural materials and colour palettes with a singularly contemporary sensibility.