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about serax

Serax is more than a brand. Based in Belgium but with a global reach and outlook, we create contemporary homeware in collaboration with leading international designers and makers, bound together by a shared vision of elevating everyday spaces.

Every Serax object is a balance of aesthetics and function. From the smallest to the largest, each one becomes a treasured object that can last for generations: a work of art in its own right.

Over the decades, we have set ourselves apart by trusting in the knowledge and instincts of our founders, our core values and our extraordinary family of collaborators, creating distinctive collections of tableware, furniture, lighting and homeware. Designed in Europe – manufactured all over the world.

We are a FAMILY business 

Serax was founded by two brothers, Serge and Axel Van Den Bossche, in 1986. Today the company is still led by Axel. Each collaborator – from individual craftspeople & designers to our organisational team – becomes part of the growing, international Serax family. 

Maintaining these relationships and focusing on sustainable growth has transformed our company into a hub for specialist knowledge, quality manufacturing and craftsmanship.


The extensive Serax family encompasses some of the most respected and exciting names in contemporary design and fine dining, including Ann Demeulemeester, Kelly Wearstler, Marie Michielssen, Marni, Ottolenghi, Paola Navone, Piet Boon, Sergio Herman and Vincent Van Duysen.

Our designers are given space to nurture their ideas, aided by Serax’s expertise and unwavering support. With diverse points of view, their visions are united by our mission to create the perfect blend of aesthetic quality and functionality. 

Alongside our partnerships with celebrated designers, we constantly seek out young talent and creators from outside the standard notion of ‘design’, fostering a diversity of perspectives.


Serax is dedicated to innovation and quality. This is why craftsmanship remains a crucial element of the Serax approach. 

We work with makers who push the boundaries of what is possible with traditional materials like stone, wood, metal, glass and clay, approaching them with fresh eyes and a contemporary aesthetic sensibility.

Together with these skilled artisans, we challenge ourselves to develop new processes and techniques. From a grand sofa to a delicate champagne glass, each object bears the traces of the hands and minds that made it.


For centuries, meal times have been essential in nurturing togetherness and connection across families, societies & cultures. So it is no coincidence that tableware has played a crucial role in the evolution of Serax.

Since 2009, the company has worked with restaurants around the globe, cultivating solid bonds with Michelin-starred chefs and translating the lessons learnt from these connections back into products for private homes & day-to-day life. 

Today, Serax encompasses collections spanning multiple categories, from glassware, stoneware and cutlery to kitchenware, indoor and outdoor furniture, lighting and interior accessories.

we carry elevated living at heart

Serax offers objects that celebrate being together and the simple occasions that make life joyful. From family meals at home to fine dining experiences, from lounging in the garden with friends to big celebrations, the objects we use help define these moments in our collective memories.

Every object Serax produces is a balance of aesthetics and function, equally at home in an urban apartment, metropolitan restaurant or rural retreat. From the smallest to the largest, each one becomes a treasured object that can last for generations: a work of art in its own right.