Featured designer

Even as a child, Sophie Casier had a real fascination for shapes, colours, materials and light. Unsurprisingly, she took several courses to learn all about design. Among them, applied arts, old furniture restoration, faux marbre (marbling techniques) at the Institut des Arts et M tiers in Brussels. This designer is always looking for the unseen, the aesthetic, the balance, in anything, everywhere. She is fascinated by materials in all their forms: wood, brass, steel, bronze, aluminium, ceramic, pigments, oil paint, oil pastel and more. But one aspect is always at the centre: light. To Sophie Casier, it is the foundation. Not light that is too direct, but rather a clear point where the light diverges, where it brings softness and comfort. She makes her creations at her home in Brussels and soon also in a winter atelier by the Mediterranean Sea. At both locations, the incidence of light is, as you would expect, sublime.