Featured designer

After completing her studies at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Perugia, Italy, the Antwerp designer Eva Claessens first briefly wandered around the South of France and the Basque Country before she decided to settle down in Uruguay. Surrounded by horses, dogs, cats, and cows, she draws inspiration for her artworks from the sounds and tranquility of the vast South American landscape, where her nearest neighbour lives at about five kilometres away.
For her paintings and sculptures - which can nowadays be found in collections all over the world – Eva is always looking for clean lines, for dynamics and a fragile kind of strength that, thanks to the open ending, invite the beholder to interpret and complete the suggestive artwork, to become one with it. Eva is known for her innovative approach in which she transforms the themes from her two-dimensional paintings into three-dimensional sculptures, which she then uses as a new canvas.