Serax Celebrates Double Recognition in AD100 2024

We are pleased to share the exciting news that Vincent van Duysen has earned a well-deserved spot in the AD100 2024 US and Germany lists, and Ann Demeulemeester has been proudly selected for the AD100 2024 Germany. The AD100 2024 is a curated selection recognizing the most influential and innovative talents in the design industry.

This recognition of Ann Demeulemeester and Vincent Van Duysen highlights their significant contributions to shaping the global landscape of design, interior, and architecture. Their presence on this esteemed list reflects the commendable creativity and innovation they bring to their craft, reaffirming their impact on the industry.

Known for her avant-garde and poetic design, Ann Demeulemeester has made a lasting impact on the fashion and interior design scenes. Her unique blend of aesthetics has rightfully earned her a spot on the AD100 2024 list, a recognition Serax proudly embraces.

Establishing her fashion label in 1985, Ann played a key role in reshaping the global fashion landscape. She has explored various artistic formats, including sculpture and ceramics. Since teaming up with Serax in 2019, she's brought her creative touch to collections ranging from porcelain and cutlery to lighting and a furniture line released in September 2022.

Ann Demeulemeester is known to represent an intelligent approach to design – rising above trends and instead offering a continually evolving world that is both deeply personal and profoundly relevant to its context – thanks to its integrity and fierce independence. In essence, Demeulemeester’s work continues to explore and celebrate contrasts – a beauty that is found in the interplay between strength and fragility, structure and nonchalance, poetic and radical, preciousness and functionality.


With his discerning design sensibility, Vincent Van Duysen effortlessly navigates between architecture, interior, and product design, emphasizing the importance of balance. His spot in the esteemed AD100 2024 list highlights his ability to dance between creative realms with ease.

Van Duysen's collections for Serax capture the essence of simplicity and an intuitive relationship with materials, solidifying his reputation as one of Europe’s top architects and designers. Drawing from experiences in influential studios like Aldo Cibic and Jean de Meulder, he launched his practice in Antwerp in the 1980s.

Gaining international acclaim for his ability to craft distinctive, atmospheric, serene, and tactile spaces, Van Duysen creates a "total environment." His career, spanning over three decades, reflects a commitment to refining his approach at every scale – from buildings to chairs. Each project is a layered masterpiece, blending a deep respect for natural materials and color palettes with a uniquely contemporary sensibility. Van Duysen's holistic design philosophy finds perfect harmony with Serax's commitment to innovative and thoughtful design.